Table Bookings

Accept Reservations, Record Walk-in Customers, Track Metrics like Dining Duration

How It Works For Your Business..

  • 1 Effortlessly Track Booked Tables in the Past, Present, and Future
  • 2 Collect Customer Information for Marketing Objectives and Loyalty Programs
  • 3 Quantify Metrics Like the Duration of Customer Visits
  • 4 Monitor No-Shows to Enhance Profitability
  • 5 Enable Bookings Over The Phone Or In The Restaurant

This Module Works Well With..

Scheduling Module

Utilise The Scheduling Module To Streamline Oversight Of Projected And Actual Expenses. This Mastery Over Labor Costs Not Only Boosts Profits But Also Enhances Workforce Control, Ensuring Operational Efficiency.

Daily Reporting Module

Automated Retrieval of Refunds and Voids, Along with Daily Email Summaries to Senior Management, Ensuring Diligent Oversight of Maintenance and HR Matters.

Marketplace Modules

By Utilising The Marketplace Module Alongside The Daily Reporting Module, You Can Confirm The Daily Arrival Of All Items. This Ensures Receiving All The Products You've Invested In, Guaranteeing Value For Your Expenditure.

Module Pricing

1 location

£12.50 / location

per month

2-10 locations

£10.00 / location

per month

11+ locations

£8.00 / location

per month

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